Computational Cognition & Development Lab.

@ Hanyang University
Investigating human knowledge acquisition and its learning mechanisms.

Welcome to the Computational Cognition and Development Lab at Hanyang University, Seoul. We investigate how people acquire knowledge by identifying the learning mechanisms involved. We are also interested in how these knowledge representations and structures change across development, and are formed in different contexts. Our research area includes, but is not limited to, episodic/semantic memory, semantic cognition, category/concept learning and their developments. We also build computational (cognitive) models and statistical methods to better explain these behavioral patterns.
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Albert: So what is the "me"?
Chris: My brain I suppose.
Albert: Your brain? Your brain is a body part. Like your fingernail or your heart. Why is that the part that's you?
Chris: Because I have sort of a voice in my head, the part of me that thinks, that feels, that is aware that I exist at all.
Albert: So if you're aware you exist, then you do....
What Dreams May Come (1998)