Openings in the Lab.

>> Joining the lab?

We are currently looking for graduate students who are insterested in joining the lab. We are recuiting students who have overlapping research interests in cognitive science and computational methods, or in using these disciplines to answer interesting questions regarding human cognition (broadly defined). We prefer student who have experience and knowledge in experimental psychology (i.e., experience running human experiments with an interesting question), computational modeling (i.e., cognitive, Bayesian, neural network models), and/or programming (i.e., coding in python/R/Matlab). Due to the nature of the studies conducted in the lab, having knowledge in basic programming is highly desirable (e.g., coding up your own experiment in psychtoolbox, preprocessing your data and/or being highly motivated to learn how to do this in a very short period). However, the most important thing is to have a genuine interest in human cognition, and a reseach question that aligns with the lab's goal.

If you are interested in joining the lab., please check out the Publications section and check if you have overlapping research interests -- the fit will be the most important factor! If you are considering to apply, or have any research questions that you want to discuss before applying (e.g., whether your research can be pursued in our lab), shoot Dr. Yim an email (hwyim[at_] Please include a short passage on how your research interest overlaps with the lab's goal - it can be about your current interests for ongoing projects/papers, or can be new projects that align with what the lab is interested in. Dr. Yim is also happy to discuss whether your skill sets are sufficient to pursue research conducted in the lab.

Assuming that you are sure about the fit, which is the far most important aspect, note that Dr. Yim can only accept students applying through the Department of Intelligence Computing (Cognitive Science program) . The courses in the Department are taught in English and "may" require minimal knowledge of programming (please discuss this with Dr. Yim if you have no programming experience). Financial support is possible based on the current funding situation in the lab, and the relevant skill sets you have for the current projects in the lab, but can not be guaranteed (again consult with Dr. Yim). There are scholarships through the graduate school, including generous ones especially if you are a recent graduate from Hanyang, or an international student (at least 50% off tuition).

Applications can be submitted through for Korean citizens and for internationals. The due date slightly changes each year and are different for citizens and international students. So please check the webpages.

There are no official openings for RA and/or post-doc positions. Please email Dr. Yim with expressing your interest regarding our research or possible research in the lab. if you are considering to join the lab with external funding.

We have opennings for undergraduate (or post-bacc) volunteers. Internal recruitment for students attending Hanyang will usually happen right before the summer and winter vacations, and a link to the recruitment site will be posted here. However, if you are interested in getting lab. experience outside of these periods, please email Dr. Yim with your (1) CV, and (2) expression of interest regarding our research or possible research in the lab.

For students who would like to conduct their undergraduate thesis project in the lab, please consult with Dr. Yim. The general process would be to first register for at least one of the following courses during their 3rd year to explore the research done in the lab:

  • 3-1 Laboratory Practice of Intelligence Computing 1 (1-0-1)
  • 3-2 Laboratory Practice of Intelligence Computing 2 (1-0-1)

If they find a project to pursue in the lab, and have discussed the possibilities with Dr. Yim, then they should take the following two courses (2 semesters, 1 year) as they conduct their thesis project:

  • 4-1 Capstone AI Project 1 (3-1-4)
  • 4-2 Capstone AI Project 2 (3-1-4)

Opportunities are opened to all students attending Hanyang University with relevant background. Please check out the lab webpage for possible research and email Dr. Yim if you have further questions.